Esto Perpetua (Latin: Let it be forever)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Two Ways To Live Your Life

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
Albert Einstein.

Long time no write :) My apologies. So, not that much has gone on yet so much has happened I don't know where to begin. I've been doing a lot of thinking and don't quite know what to write. I suppose the best course of action would be to continue ruminating on the thoughts and ideas swirling in my head at the present moment, a rush to write would only irritate me later at the thoughts I should have elaborated on and didn't. We've had a lot of small blessings and a few large blessings as well. I've been getting to know the neighbors, some in a less friendly more aggravating way ;) The house is down to just the kitchen, the cabinets are on order and then we'll get moving on the rest of it. Spring has sprung... or so we thought. This morning at 6am it was 55 degrees, as I write this at 6pm it is 43 degrees. SO wrong and SO many levels, especially when I think how just two days ago I was wearing a thin cotton sun dress and flip flops. My absolute favouritest of outfits. I waited all winter to wear my comfy sundresses and not need to bundle up and the evil Maryland took it away :) Ha ha, we're learning more and more about the area, there's a Humane Society right in our back yard (practically) and Dallas and I have decided to go there on his days off and late days in. They allow you to take the cats out and play with them and hold them, they also allow you to walk the dogs! It was a heart breaking trip. I've always avoided pounds because anyone who knows me knows I cry like a little baby when I watch sad animal movies :) I cried on lady and the tramp every time during the pound scene. I'm sure my poor husband thought I'd lost my mind when I burst into tears after seeing the dogs barking their hearts out for attention and the little old beagle stick his nose powdered with age through the fence to just stare with his big brown pleading eyes. I swear I would've taken him home in a heartbeat. Dallas also got the assurance that no matter how many times Cotton poops on my floor or eats my favourite pair of shoes he will never be sent to the pound. Unfortunately Cottons job security was discovered, I now have no credible threats to make Dallas at least attempt to make Cotton act civilized. More and more though I see the hand of God in our life, even in the things I wasn't necessarily looking for him. From songs to people to flowers and animals. God's all around us all the time but lately it's like he's more visible in everything. Maybe it's the older you get you look for him more or maybe it's just the pure fact that you're older so you just are more alert. It's a wonderful thing to think that God cares so much about us. I know I'm nothing special, I'm not a person who can do anything really but just love Him, tell others about Him, and do my best to live for Him. I guess the hardest part is not living the way *I want to for Him. There are a lot of things that I can do but there are so many more things that I should do. I can live a normal Godly life and make it through life just fine, but, I want my life to affect the people around me. That my life would really point them to God. I have a little neighbor that honestly I'd rather not have to deal with. It sounds harsh but, the child is crazy. She walks in my house whenever she feels like it and won't leave unless I threaten her to not be able to come back the next day at all. She's extremely hyper active, is extremely prone to breaking things, and stepping on my Dog on the very leg he had to have surgery on :P But, through the whole first two weeks when I just wanted to die every time I saw her coming. Now, one month and a little while in she is learning that Dallas and I aren't crazy young people, she needs to be a little more cooled out. We've had a few pretty deep conversations, I can tell she doesn't really talk to people about a lot of the stuff we've talked about. I'm praying nothing ever comes up that will require a parental alert, her Dad is occupied pretty much all the time and her mom isn't her "real" mom. Her real mom was a drug addict who used while she was pregnant with her which explains a lot about her weird behavior. I'd told Dallas that when we met her the first time that she wasn't ADD there was something really off about her. So, I pray for patience because I want them to come to church with us one day, I want to be the possibly one light in the little girls life. She is always over and never wants to go home, pray with me if you will for God's wisdom in the situation? Thank you Lord for your gifts to us. We don't deserve them yet you love us enough to give them anyway. Help us live life like the miracle it truly is and live gratefully every day in the sunshine or rain of life. I love you Lord.

Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they're supposed to help you discover who you are *(and who God is).
Bernice Johnson Reagon (part in parentheses added by me)


  1. We never know why God puts us where he does, but I believe *nothing* happens outside of God's will, you would not have gotten that house if God didn't will it, and that little girl would not be your next door neighbor if God didn't allow it. I hope that you will be able to make an impact in their lives. The only thing that will matter in the end are the spiritual influences we have on the world. Praying for ya and love ya!

  2. Amber, Daddy and I just read your post. I just had to stop and cry with joy that my "little girls" are loving and living for the Lord. I love these blogs because I think you guys really have a talent for expressing your deep down thoughts and desires openly. Sometimes you wonder, as a parent, if you have done such a horrible job that your children just want to be away from you and then I read this and it is just reinforced that God truly does want you where you are and Shauna where she is. I do pray that you will be a beacon for this little girl and her family. Until then I'll look forward to rejoicing with you when it does happen. I love you, honey! Love, MOM

  3. Glad everthing is going good...MD weather sound a lot like indianas....crazy.Cant wait to see pic of your house.

  4. oh my! I cried too! First, I am so thankful and amazed at the beautiful(inside and outside!) woman you are growing into! I just could not wish for anything more for you and your family! I am thankful for how the Lord is leading in your thoughts and feelings toward your neighbor! I know it is not easy but you made the choice to see this as an opportunity to be a godly influence in this young girl's life - i think when she needs it that most! After our conversation about the situation I have prayed for you and am thankful to see what God is doing!

    So amazing to see your sister's love and concern for your spiritual life! Us mothers dream of moments like this! ;)

    If all that wasn't enough, your mom's post got me sobbing! My heart bleeds the same for my girls and to hear your mom's burden and answered prayer just encourages me SO much! I sure do love you all and look forward to seeing what the next couple years hold for us all!