Esto Perpetua (Latin: Let it be forever)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Long Time No Post :)

Well, my internet browser isn't working so unfortunately I'm too lazy to type out my usual quotes :) Ha ha, anyways as ya'll can tell I've been pretty busy with life in general to post a blog in a while. That and the fact that I'm not sure anyone is reading anyore, but, that's fine. This is kind of an online journal so, it will continue when I have the time. Well, Charlotte is 10 days from being 5months old! I can't believe it is already that far along! She is 20lbs and last time she was measured 25 1/2 inches long and that was two weeks ago! My baby girl is so big! Dallas is settling into the roll of Loving Daddy extremely well. He's also happy baby girl is allowing me to make dinner and lately get a little cleaning done. It all just depends on how well she naps and how often :) If she naps she will let me clean while she's asleep and the better she naps the more content she is to sit in her bouncy seat to allow me to clean things and cook. A no nap day (which is still extremely often) means a cranky ladybug and no breaks from holding and a terrible evening as she tries to go to sleep at 5:45p and I try to keep her up til at least 7pm. As much as this ight sound as complaining I promise I'm not, I would not trade my new life for anything! I absolutely adore my baby girl and wouldn't trade this life for anything in the world. It's such an amazing thing to be able to stay home with my Little and watch her grow and experience things for the first time again with her. Seeing the world through her eyes makes me want to try to be more focused on the now. When I do I find that I'm amazed by the little things all over again. Things like lightning bugs in the backyard at night, the stars in a clear sky, butterflies dancing in the yard are all things I see every single day but sometimes forget to marvel at the unique beauty that God gave us. It's so refreshing to watch Little enjoy things. Her face lights up and she smiles that big toothless open mouth smile and it's just an overwhelming experience. Now, on the me front, I've been trying to lose some of the baby weight. At 10wks PG I weighed 155lbs I weighed 205lbs at my last OB appt and now I weigh 173.7lbs. I've hit an exercise snag because I did something weird to my leg. I think I did too much too soon on my elliptical and had a weird under skin bleed in my calf that kept going on for about 3weeks so I'm giving it a rest from heavy exercise and just trying to stay busy in the house and getting out to walk around. So, I' happy to say I am down 32lbs on my own but I want to be about 140-145lbs. That's when I'm at my happiest weight. It's such an agonizing process because I'm so impatient. I can tell in my clothes that I'm losing because they are looser, so that's good but the OCD in me wants to see it on the scale too. It's also odd because everyone says your body chnges after child birth. I figured since I had a c-section my hips would shrink down quickly and life would go on. Boy was I w-r-o-n-g!Now, I've always been a "rear" carrier but this is just ridiculous! My German heritage has placed my extra weight (quite litteraly) squarley on by rump. I square off when I'm gainging weight and my rear looks long and square. Now since being PG I have what I call a "Fat Belt". It's my hips, the fat is in a V shape from my hips and it meets at a point in the usual tummy pouch. It's so weird because my hips are a good 2inches larger than my hips and waist right above the hips! It looks so odd! But, thank God for suckers! You know, the greatest invention for women kind ever invented -spanx :D Ha ha! I've been utilizing mine regularly for church and what not. While I love it I feel slightly guilty like I'm deceiving people. It's the same way I feel about plastic surgery, it's not impressive if I look good because I paid to look that way, it's not natural! But, I still succomb because I hate the way I look in certain clothes that show my "belt" :) Ugh, I just tell myself it will go away if I stay consitent with being active and eating better. Plus what better reason is there to ruin my body than my beautiful baby girl? I'd do it again 10x if I could afford them and live closer to my mom so I had more help ;D Well, I guess I'm done for now, and please for give any dropped letters on my words. I'm using internet explorer and they can't see to keep up with my typing speed which I assure you is not all that fast! Until then please keep me and the family in your prayers!
Love you guys!